DAW Components

As a rule, Steinberg software runs on all standard computers, provided that these satisfy the system requirements printed on the given product’s package. Happily, you’ll see that today’s market offers a computer to suit every application and budget. Affordable computers for smaller projects are readily available, as are highly specialized multiprocessor systems for professional applications in the music and movie industries. You’ll even find powerful systems for mobile use so that nothing stands in the way of deploying Steinberg software on stage and producing music on the go, away from your studio.

Depending on what you wish to accomplish with the software, your computing demands may entail special requirements. These requirements hinge upon the type of project you intend to work on. Several performance-related factors figure prominently, such as sample rate and bit depth, as well as the number of tracks, plug-ins, instrument voices and effects used in a project. So, if you need a computer to realize elaborate projects, ask yourself this question:

“Which computer is right for my application?”

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