DAW Connection

Dear Community,

would you think that dorico tends to the connection of DAWs. I would love a solution having full potential of a DAW connected to a perfect written score layout.
The best I can do at the moment is to sync programs via timecode or such to have the impression that software is linked, but have to input notes twice (1. DAW Input, 2)Scoring Software Input). But there is no automatism that a DAW speaks with a pro Scoring software as far I can see at least.

It would be imaginable kind of the ARA2 format works in conjunction with third party audio pitch programs on selected Audiotracks or certain clips with a click.Imagine the transcription of a DAW Project into dorico with a certain function… :open_mouth:

This way you are prevented with longer export routines to use multiple platforms and the programs really “speak” to another

THX so much

We are certainly thinking about ways to bring Dorico closer to Cubase and potentially other sequencers/DAWs in the future, but it’s not something that we are working on right this minute. We know there are many users out there waiting for such a solution, and we do plan to deliver it in the future.

I would think a sensible first step would be a pair of wizards: “Import from Cubase” and “Export to Cubase”, which would limit the complexity and provide real value to users. And it would also provide a good reason for Dorico users to license Cubase and vice versa. Certainly many layers of integration beyond that are possible. There will be no risk of running out of useful capabilities to add.

I bought a Cubase license when Cakewalk folded, and I did that mainly in anticipation of future integration with Dorico. But frankly, I don’t find myself using Cubase much, now that Bandlab has picked up Cakewalk. With those wizards, I would certainly use Cubase more.