daw controller for cubase 10.5

looking for a basic controller that works with 10.5 with as little headache as possible. I am in need of basic simple transport control. I am currenlyt using my keyboard for everything, but the issue is if the project window is not in focus, none of the keys work. I have to mouse click back into project window adn then use my main pc keyboard.

looking at x touch one or presonus fader (newer version). are there others that maye work better, specific to cubase?

I still enjoy my Nektar Panorama that have the transport included on the keyboard controller. There are plenty of options, it all depends on what your budget is and how much real estate you have on your desk.

Lots to choose from. Anything from 8 or 16 channel presonus controllers that are expensive to Behringer X touch to a super cheap SubZero minipad controller that has some basic transport commands and drum pads on it

$5 TouchOSC on iPad or iPhone, use template I made (free, somewhere on these forums). Can’t beat that, inspired by JunkieXL

They both uses MCU protocol for cubase so they are similar. However the X-touch has time display and level meter and a mini display showing what you edit. For cubase i would pick X-touch.

I use Metagrid on an old iPad for this.
It remains in touch with Cubase for most functions (including transport) even when Cubase is not in focus.
That it can also run macros made it a game changer for me.