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Hi everyone, I want to buy Nektar Panorama P1 USB DAW Controller but first I want to know about it’s compatibility with Cubase 8.5. I have a few questions;

(1) If I want to modify the VSTi Sound with Cutoff and Resonance can I easily do this?

(2) I have Roland FA06 so I don’t really need a midi controller, the main thing I need is Cutoff and Resonance is there anything out there specifically for this?

(3) As everyone know Cubase has a lot of midi & audio channels volume faders but Nektar P1 have just 8 volume faders so how can I control Cubase with so few faders?

I have a Nektar P6
First of all the compatibility with Cubase is incredible. You have different modes (one button push)
One is your Cubase mixer including vst effects, next Vst instruments, then transport etc.

Ok Question 1…Yes it is very easy. You can do a lot more for example envelope ADSR can be controlled by the sliders.
Question 2…Most midi controllers will do this, it is quite basic.
Question 3 You can control any cubase fader…it works in blocks of 8 so you can control fader/pan 1 to 8 and at a push of a button 9 to 16…etc.

Thanks for your reply its quite helpful Yes Nektar Panorama P1 is really good but basically I just want to do sound Cutoff and Resonance so I have seen Akai Professional LPD8 which is £39 and Novation Launch Control £49 compared to Nekter P1 which is £200, there is quite a lot price difference So is it better to get the Akai Professional LPD8 OR Novation Launch Control as I mainly only use sound Cutoff and Resonance.

Please tell me what is Akai Professional LPD8 and Novation Launch Control, actually designed to do ?-
what are its main functions? and main thing how is its compatibility with Cubase?

Please reply my post, I need to your advice :slight_smile:

Both Akai and Novation are midi controllers.

I have the Akai lpd8 and use it for quick controls. It works fine with Cubase.

But you should have some user assignable knobs on your roland keyboard. Why don’t you use those?

Actually I would like to use its knobs but I am not quite sure how to? At the moment I am only using the FA as sound Module,

Note that the Nektar Cubase integration doesn’t work properly. If my Panorama (P6) loses connection with Cubase for any reason, you’ll need to shut down Cubase and relaunch it, to reestablish the connection. You can’t start Cubase and then the Panorama, despite Nektars claims that it should work. Nektar has replicated the problem on one of two installs, and I’ve experienced it on two out of two installs. That’s a 75% failure rate.

Nektar claims that it’s a Cubase specific problem. It doesn’t appear on other DAWs. Steinberg claims that it the cause of magic USB connectors (with built-in data filters), or that it’s a system specific issue (despite that it has occurred on two separate systems on opposite sides of the planet!).

Neither Nektar or Steinberg has shown any interest of talking with each other, to try to solve the problem. I can’t, with good conscience, recommend anyone to buy a Nektar product for use with Cubase.

Of cause, you can use it as a regular MIDI controller, but forget about the Cubase integration.

Yes you can do this easily. As previously said the Nektar has different modes.

You can either control the cut off and resonance in internal mode via midi #CC which is easy to set up. Or you might find the Nektar already recognises the VSTi in which case it’s already pre-programmed in and you can use instrument mode.

You can program your own VSTi presets into instrument mode too.


As I explained, don’t expect this to work properly in Cubase (unless you enjoy stopping making music and restarting Cubase every twenty minutes, or so!).

It’s not a problem thats affected me on my P6.

I have a P1 and it is superb. The Nektar team have done an amazing job in providing incredible depth of integration into Cubase. It must have taken them ages.

You can obviously use it for filter cutoffs etc - the main benefit is the mapping has been done for the majority of the most popular instruments. If the mapping has not been done its a simple process of doign this yourself. The other benefit is it integrated into the mixer, the internal plugin parameters are mapped, you can modify the eq etc. You can also insert plugins/vsts etc without using the mouse.

Once you get used to it you will hardly need to use the mouse you can work much faster and more efficiently on the Nektar - just like old skool hardware.

I have had the P6 working in a my studio for a couple of years now. It has never lost connection with Cubase. The integration with cubase is amazing, I am really pleased with mine. The only quark on my system is that I have to wait untill Windows has booted before turning the P6 on. Guess this may be a windows 10 USB thing.

Svenne, sorry it´s not working for you. Could it maybe a Mac OS thing?

Sorry I did not get back, I have only just seen this. I don´t use this forum that much.

Yes if you just want to control a couple of things like filter etc the Nektar is a bit overkill. As already stated you should be able to use any controls that send midi info. I believe you already have this on your keyboard.

If you want more help you might find one of the many cubase facebook groups helpful.