DAW controllers and hiding mixer channels

I’m considering a DAW controller like the Presonus Faderport 16 or Mackie MCU but I wondered if anyone knows, if you hide tracks in the Cubase mixer, do DAW controllers recognise this and only display/use the visible tracks, or does it still map all tracks leaving you to scroll until you get to a visible one?


Yes! :wink:

Thanks Henry1970, really appreciate your advice.
Sounds like good news then if it will only use whats on screen - I want to be able to show only group tracks and don’t want to have to wade through all the others on the controller.

I would say no. In cubase there are 4 mixer views. Mixer 1-3 and Arranger mixer. How your controller behaves is dependent on the protocol it uses. Presonus is using Mackie Control. All 4 mixers has their own view, so the remote can not match all at the same time.
It seems to follow Mixer 1, and I have not found any setting on what mixer view it should follow.

Mackie control only works with Console 1 (Mixer 1) of Cubase !

Thanks guys for your additional advice on this.
I am only thinking of Mixer 1 anyway, just making certain track types in the mixer hidden so thats what’s on screen corresponds to whats on the controller.
I guess there’s only one sure fire way of knowing and thats to buy one and try it out.

Appreciate your thoughts.

On the Mackie, and clones I would assume, hidden channels are not shown.

The Mackie always follows Mixer 1.

Input channels are never shown - even if they are present in the Mix Console.


Mackie control protocol does follow hidden tracks in Mixer 1 and if you sync the project page to mixer 1 then all will sync. I believe e the Nektar Panorama syncs to hidden tracks as well but I am rarely looking at it because it sits behind be and just used as a keyboard. There are a lot of things I don’t like about the Mackie MCU such as very short truncated names and it does not sync to the selected mixer channel if you use the mouse or other controller. BUT it is a solid controller if you really learn it and can get one cheap!

It should or does sync to your selected channel. I think you mean it doesn’t change channel banks. For example if channel 1 is focused and in Cubase you focus channel 10…your MCU controller will also focus channel 10, but you have to manually switch from banks 1-8 to banks 8-16. It should switch banks, but it does not.

Is this what you mean?

Yes. Does not switch banks.

As you said this problem, in addition to the low character limit IMO are the 2 biggest drawbacks of MCU protocol.

It is too bad that it can’t follow the 2nd or 3rd mixer. I would love to set it to only show VCAs while I work on the rest of the mix. While you can set it up this way with mixer1 and using workspaces to rearrange the windows so I am using mixer 2 & 3 as my main mixers it changes up my regular workflow. Basically a PITA workaround.