Daw died. Can I install Cubase 12 on my new computer?

Hi folks, my 10 year old PC finally called it a day. Graphics card overheating, causing crashes when I use imager plug ins (at least I think that’s what is happening) time for a new system anyway. I bought Cubase 12 pro a month or so ago. I’m wondering if I’ll have to buy cubase again as it’s already been registered to my old system?

Thanks in advance and sorry if it’s a dumb question.



You can use your Cubase 12 up to 3 computers (even at one time). If your old computer wouldn’t die, you could remove the old computer and replace it by the new one. If you don’t have an access to the old computer, you can just add the new one to the list. In this case, you can ask your local Steinberg support to remove your old computer from the list.

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Thank you very much :blush::+1: