DAW Fader on 2TR in meter

I use my UR28M in live situations.
On input 1 and 2 I have 2 Mics and the audio comes from my Laptop.

I like to have hardware control over the internal audio.

To lower the audio I can now only use the software DAW Slider.
If I lower the “Output Level” main volume know it also lowers my mic volume.

I can use an audio cable from my laptop to line input 3 but then I don’t use steinbergs audio card and I think that’s would be a shame.

Is there a trick to get the music control on 2TR IN?

Level control on the 2 Track input has to be regulated at the source, and will only appear in Mix 1.
There should be no need to run audio cables from the öaptop to the UR - audio is sent over USB using the URs ASIO driver.

Hi Peter

What program are you using for the “backtracks” which is I presume the audio you are talking about?

Best Regards