DAW Fundamentals for beginner.

Few quick questions please:
What is the end result in general a song should look like in the context of Cubase(DAW) projects, clips, events etc.
Do all the tracks get mixed down to one single song track in the end?
How is a file ready(or a song, or event or track) ready to be burned to CD? I looked in the operations manual and could only ascertain partial answers.

Just give some quick responses to steer me in the right direction. I have Cubase AI.
Thanks for your time and help.

All tracks get mixed down to a Stereo File, For CD it should be at a sample rate of 44.1KHz and a bit depth of 16 (bits).

You put the Left and Right locator around your Project or part of and Export using the Export Options found under the File Menu.

You will need CD burning software as Cubase cannot burn CDs

Ok thanks Split. :smiley:

Remember to dither if you have recorded at higher bit depths, which the Tascam is definitely capable of. If you do wish to record at higher bit depths/sample rates remember to set that up in the Project Setup Screen.

Here’s a little on dithering.

Hey Bane, thanks. Let me pick your brain a bit further if you don’t mind. Or anyone who has any help for that matter.
What’s the point of recording at higher bit depths if it’s going back down to 16 bit?
How exactly do I mixdown to 2 tracks. ie…I have the 2 channel stereo template open from the project menu… there’s the project window showing the track for mixdown…where and how do I get a song(3-4 tracks) onto that track?
I upgraded(?) to a UR28 interface already. It seems to be clearer. The good thing is I still use the US200 for a MIDI interface to program my synths with.
Thanks. :smiley:

Recording at 24 bit gives you more headroom 144dB (ish) vs 16 bit, 96 dB (ish). This is then converted inside Cubase to 32 bit floating point. Doing this virtually eliminates the possibility of internal clipping.

To mixdown to a Stereo File, you select Export File from the File Menu. Remember to put the Left and Right Locators to the start and end of your song/track.

This is covered in the Getting Started Manual, also have a look at the Export part of the full Manual.

Ok thanks alot!

Yup, I did it. I mixed a little trial tune down to 2 track stereo. Thanks. Now, I have to get software to create CD’s right?

As Split said already:

You can use Media Player (assuming Windows). What is your operating system? You might want to add a signature with a few details so people can answer your questions from the correct angle. If you are on Windows 7 I can probably walk you through the procedure.

Yes, I’m on Windows 7. 64bit.
Fire away whenever you get the time. Thanks!

Great info! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes, Windows Media Player can easily burn you an audio CD. :slight_smile:

Export Audio Mixdown --> 44.100 kHz 16 Bit Wave File

Copy the file to the location Media Player looks for your music or create a new folder and add that location to your Music “Library”. It should then show up when you open Media Player.

Open the Burn tab.

Insert a blank audio CD.

Drag the file(s) to the list.

Start burn.

Also make sure in the Media Player burn options that “Apply volume leveling across tracks” isn’t checked.

If you cant find the file in Media Player it is probably hiding in “Unknown”.

Right. I’ll mess with that. I tried briefly looking for files in connection with media player but what a cluster#&@%!