DAW noob here; keyswitches aren't working for me?

Basically like the title says, keyswitches don’t seem to work for me. Using Cubase 12 Elements btw

For example, I’m using Audio Imperia Nucleus’s 16 Violin VST and would like to switch between Sustained and Pizzicato. The instrument says that Sustained’s ks is C#1 and Spiccato is D1. Within the instrument, I can click on either one and the recorded notes in the project will change as a result. For the sake of the example, let’s say in the instrument settings I select Spiccato.
Now, when I try to record C#1 at the same time as my first played note and D1 at the same time as the second note, both notes will be played as Spiccato. Therefore it seems like the C#1 “keyswitch” didn’t actually do anything, since shouldn’t it have caused the first note to be sustained.
Does anyone have any ideas as to why it’s not working? Am I missing something simple?

Be sure to find out whether your VST uses C4 or C5 for middle C (MIDI Note #60). A mismatch between your VST or MIDI keyboard or software can cause keyswitches you think are correct to actually be an octave off.

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Thank you so much for pointing this out! I was interpreting C-1 (what the instrument was saying) and C1 as the same thing. Oops! Much appreciated!