DAW picks up input and output for Focusrite Scarlett Solo but my PC doesn't.

I am seriously stressed out trying to sort this. My DAW, Reaper, is picking up my audio from my mic and my guitar perfectly fine. My audio input is set to ASIO (drivers are brand new and drivers on the Focusrite are updated too). I have ReaStream (ReaPlugs Edition) in my master volume sending to *local broadcast. I open OBS, my desktop audio is set to default and capturing perfectly well. My audio input capture has a gain filter so I don’t have to monitor my own voice AND the VST2 plug in that receives the audio sent from Reaper to OBS. I open the input capture. Nothing. No movement. I try *broadcast on the ReaStream Send in Reaper. Nothing. I try just having the Mic/Auxiliary Device 1 set to my focusrite just to see if my mic comes in. Nothing. I switch to my built in mic on my laptop, works perfectly fine. Nothing about my focusrite is linking with OBS. I’m losing patience figuring this out and there isn’t a solution anywhere for this. Can anyone help as soon as possible?

I don’t have a focusrite so I am guessing a bit here so your mileage may vary. This is just a pointer in a direction and it is possible to end up routing audio in weird places, though mostly using uninstall will work! I’ve also not used ReaStream so my solution went a different path.

OBS only sees Windows audio devices - not ASIO ones. You DAW is seeing the ASIO driver so sees the Focusrite input.
There are a few ways to bridge gap but VB-AUDIO Voicemeeter (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter) works on my setup once I read the manual and figured out what the ASIO vs Windows bit was doing and how to route the ins and outs.

Best suggestion I have for you I’m afraid. Hope you figure it out.