DAW poll

Vote for your best DAW



That link doesn’t work for me…

Aha, I see it actually has the … in the middle of the URL :smiley:


this any better?


Why post this here? Nothing but SPAM, IMHO. :unamused:

that’s rubbish , obviously the readers are sample based computer musicians ,it means nothing .

is it?
sorry- don’t vote then…

No, don’t post your crap on the forum.

I don’t see it’s such a big deal.
Since it ruffles your feathers so much I suggest from now on you avoid my posts altogether.

This kind of survey only showcases which DAW has the most fanatical followers (i.e. fanboys.) Pretty odd that it seems to be Sonar in this case. But most likely it’s the Cakewalk people doing the voting, striving to stay relevant after losing a boatload of customers with the “X” fiasco, typically to Cubase…

True I suppose but I wasn’t posting it for that reason. Thought some Cubase users here would like to cast their vote is all.
At any rate I’m hardly a spammer, if the mods don’t want this here feel free to move or delete it.

Aloha guys and just to chime in on this.

I do appreciate the info/ link that soul patch posted,
but perhaps the prob is it should have been posted in the ‘Lounge’,
where the discussions/topics are more diverse.

Reason being this forum states:

Post general topics related to Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 here.


No biggie tho’. Thanks for the info.

Not perhaps, but certainly. But as always, not all rules are valid for everyone…