DAW Remote

I have cubase elements 12 (MAC Intel Venntura 13.4.11) and Yamaha MOXF.
Until now I used DAW to switch from 1 instrument track to another with SFx key on my MOXF.
This worked for monthes until I has to change my MAC (too old for some new plugins) and everything works fine except DAW remote. I loaded the same …x6x file but the SF keys do not jump from one track to another. Any idea what I did wrong?
Thanks for any advice


Do I understand you right, there is a dedicated component for your Motif, you have installed? Did you set up the MIDI Ports correctly? Do other commands (of the given component) work as expected? Could you attach the screenshot of the Studio > Studio Setup > x6x component, please?

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Thanks for the hints on the MIDI ports. I just realized they were not set correctly.
It allworks fine now…