DAW Slave 1RU for tech evaluation

Ok - without going into too many details, I’m evaluating a number of systems to help with some major hardware upgrades I need to do around here over the next little bit.

While initial testing of the new mac mini’s has been encouraging, I want to at least try one further option.

This is for VEP slave machines running (mainly) sample instruments, hooked up to the nuendo master machine (not in question here!)

The machine needs to be LIGHT WEIGHT and SMALL. These are the 2 major considerations that led me to the mac mini’s. I can rack 2 of them in 1RU (a very small space) and 4 or 6 of these weigh only 6 or 9kg - including the rack trays!

So - I’ve only tried 2 mac mini’s so far, but I’m not entirely sold on the idea of carrying around 4 to 6 slaves (and having to maintain each of these…) I’m thinking 1 or 2 PC slaves may be an option worth looking into.

I’m looking for the following help.

What 1 or 2RU case? These machines do NOT need graphics cards added (any onboard graphics will be fine). The lighter the case, the better. A lot of the 1rU cases I have seen themselves weigh more than the entire rig I want to build. (This rig will be put in a little rack case, and even brought on board flights with me - or put in a heavier road case and put in the hold!)

All up I need at least 48GB ram. Weather this is 16x3, 24x2 or 48x1, I’m not that concerned. Although the idea of 2 x 1RU SB 2600 based machines is enticing for the sheer processing power (knowing VEP is going to be able to run effects on slave machines VERY VERY soon!)

Can anyone recommend a 1RU case, and decent cooler for the 2600’s that will work in 1RU (or even 1.3 RU case!)
All drives in these machines will be SSD’s…
MB is also a problem… the smaller / lighter cases I’ve found generally don’t allow ATX boards (that allow at least 24GB ram!)

All in all, the case needs to support a MB that can support 24GB ram, at least 2x2.5" SSD’s (though 3 would be great), and a decent powersupply. (Quiet would be nice, but I know I’ll be asking a LOT!)


Cheers! B.

1 and 2 u’s are very difficult
they tend to be very long and often heavy. power supplys are very loud for them
we found 1 2U that takes a regular PS but its 24" long (regular ATX board as well)
for sandy bridge its either 16 or 32 gig ram if you want it runing in dual channel.
the best we have found is a 3U thats small (MATX) and light.

Hello Brendan,

have a look here http://www.chenbro.com/

I puchased this one a vew weeks ago http://www.chenbro.eu/corporatesite/products_detail.php?sku=40