DAW style looping?

Hi folks,

Is there any way to loop playback around a certain number of bars, or even a precise number of beats?


Not currently, but it’s on our list for the future.

Is it already the future? Still waiting for loop playback. Why is this so difficult?

This is a little insulting, no?
In addition to everything else, altering a program is like throwing a rock into a pond: the rock may not be that big, but it causes waves throughout the pond. As Paul said, they are working on it.

In over three years, seven people have requested loop playback on this forum (including you, ahcvankampen). I have no idea how many Dorico users there are, worldwide, but the Dorico Facebook group has over 5000 members right now. Sometimes it’s not that something’s “so difficult”, it’s that other features are bigger priorities because more people want them.

Well done for showing your interest, though.

Thanks, I can imagine that other things take priority.