Hey Charlie,
Hi all,

Is there a possibility to link two Nuendo rigs with VST Connect Pro?
Have to do a remote recording with another studio which also runs Nuendo.
So I was thinking, instead of my collegue installing VST Performer, mayby it’s do-able from Nuendo to Nuendo?


Unfortunately not possible. But it does make sense for a recording Studio to use VST Connect Performer and guide the talent. Installed and set up in a few minutes, if not seconds :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your quick answer.
Still not thinking about retiring in your comfy chair, aren’t you!?

Cheers mate!


VST System Link might be able do it with some network tweaks, the right streaming setup, and IF you have the ‘bandwidth’ and a good enough ping rate?

It works quite well on a LAN.

There are also alternatives to VST System Link.

MTC over an rtpMIDI connection to sync the transports.

For audio…

If you mainly want to sync projects and share mixes live over a simple stereo cue send in both directions it should be possible to set up some good collaboration schemes.

If you’re on a Mac, I think it might have something like jack2 already built in to the OS! If not, can add it.

If you’re on a PC, jack2 is possible, or have a look at ASIOLinkPro. It’s has network streaming capabilities as well.

If bandwidth is an issue, you could set up something like a lossy compressed shoutcast stream, but expect considerable latency from whatever channels you’re sharing back and forth over the internet.

Thanks Brian, but I am so in love with VST Connect (Chandler Bing voice: How easy can it bE?) that I refuse to deal with any other sh** making real-time connections.
Source Connect is still not recovered of the kick in the butt I gave it.

But thanks anyway.


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