Dawfreak new reviewpage cubase 6 review Coming soon.

Hey all.
I hope Stineberg dont mind me posting here.
Dawfreak reviews is a new reviewpage made for musicians, songwriters, producers and pro or hobbyist.
The main concept of my review page is to make reviews in a way so everyone understands.
I have a cubase 6 review on the way.
But I have already some nice reviews .
Most are about drum plugins, but also some about pc hardware .
I am also soon making a build your daw pc guide.
And a guide on how to start recording at home.
My main focus is for people with a low / medium budget, but everyone is welcome :slight_smile:
If you have any tips pleas let me know.
And Steinberg… If you have anything you want reviewed let me know.


Looks great man, nice writeups.
It would be cool if you could make separate pages for reviews and an index, but think that’s a limitation of using wordpress.
It looks nice though!

Hi Strophoid and thx for The kind words.
I have been thinking about that aswell but im no good at codes and stuff.
Maby i can find à wordpress guru and get help with it.

Hey again man.
U just found a bother thing that I felt needed for longer posts.
The ability to split it to two pages
Look at http://dawfreak.wordpress.com/2010/11/21/toontrack-superior-drummer-2-the-lost-new-york-studios-and-the-metal-foundry