Day one user help needed please

so as the thread title suggests i’m trying out Dorico SE today.I accompany a choir and we are looking at a new piece where the four parts are all on separate lines and i find it very hard to look at all 4 lines in rehearsal and so want to make a more typical two stave arrangement with sops and alto on one line and tenors and bass on the other.
I have inputted the 4 lines into a new project but is there a way of merging the sop and alto line onto one stave and the tenor and bass onto another ??
Thanks in anticipation

Welcome to the forum @Nick_Crowhurst - yes there is: select the whole Alto line*, then press Alt/Opt-N to move it all to the Soprano staff above. (*You may just want to select notes and not duplicate lyrics, in which case you can use a filter.)

Repeat as needed for the T/B parts.

For anywhere where you need the stem directions to be different, select the notes you want to put in a different voice and change their voice. Make sure you follow the menu path with “Change Voice” - if you choose an option at the first level down after “Voices”, you change the voice of all notes in the same voice as your selection.

thank you so much Lillie i’ll give it a go !!

Hi Nick.
There’s an instrument called Reduction that actually looks like a grand staff and is designed exactly for this. Proceed as Lillie described to move the content of staves into that instrument and you’ll end up with a classical setup.


thank you Mark