Day two user help needed please

So as the keyboard player in a church worship band i don’t particularly like playing from chord sheets (can’t think fast enough !)so like to make up my own piano parts using ‘proper’ music.
I like to record the left and right hand parts separately inputting the notes using a midi keyboard and then cleaning up the recording.
So I’ve recorded the right hand part but as soon as i try recording on the left hand stave (bass clef) it overwrites what I’ve already recorded in the right hand.
Ive worked round it by having 2 pianos and recording the left hand into the piano 2 and then copying and pasting that into the left hand of piano 1 but surely there is an easier way ???

Have you tried showing the note input caret on the bottom staff (double-click the bottom staff or select the first bar on it and press Shift-N) before recording? That should allow you to specify the staff onto which you want to record; without the caret, Dorico will use both staves of e.g. a piano according to the set split point.

no i hadn’t thank you again works
Sorry !! such a basic question but I’m getting there slowly !!

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No need to apologise! You’ll find plenty of people here very happy to help whatever your question.

For your own reference, the relevant page in the manual is here.

You may also find our First Steps guide aimed at taking new users through bits of key functionality (although admittedly not MIDI recording!) in a step-by-step guide useful.

thank you again Lillie.SOOO helpful

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