Daylight saving long startup - could have lost a client

It’s Sunday. I had an urgent revision for a music that would go online on television. They want to remove a sound, it’s a very simple revision. I race to the studio, load Cubase, and what?!? I have to wait 10 minutes + ? (and in 2015)

Why? and what for??

OK maybe I didn’t lose a client, but it did not look so professional to mute a single sound in such long time…

This long startup thing (when the day light saving hour change happens) is complete nonsense… Please respect people working for this abnormally fast world of TV.

:arrow_right: Yes, this is #1 on the list of things to fix!


I understand that this is a PIA situation but my opinion is that this is not an “issue” as it is working as designed. Maybe it should posted in the “feature request” section if it has not been already posted for version 8. Posted there it “may” get on a list of some kind.

Regards. :sunglasses: