Daylight saving Time change - time to go for a coffee

Love this totally unnecessary 6 monthly loadup scan that takes ages… dont you!!!


I reset my pc clock manually in 5 seconds and carry on. But it’s entertaining seeing all the moaning from those of you that let it happen year after year :wink:

+1 mart, totally unnecessary. I wonder why SB haven’t fixed this one…


It was only a short one this year. Two minutes or under.

<Post that said that it’s impossible to fix, but now it’s deleted.>

Of course it can be fixed.

Not really fixable, that would require Windows changing the way it handles DST.
Or a compromised copy protection. Or using a Mac .
Here in Europe there is a lot of talk about abandoning DST as it has no practical purpose anymore.
That would be the ultimate fix :slight_smile:

Guillermo has stated that it’s a matter of never making the top of the priority list, and that’s why it wasn’t fixed.

Mine took over an hour.

Nothing ever seems to makes the top of their Priority List. This is now recognised as the only extant example of Penrose Stairs in 3D space.

Mine was considerably faster this time too.
Used to be over half an hour, mainly due to Arturia/UAD plugs, but it flew through the UAD stuff this time.

Meh, believe what you wanna believe.

really steinberg,little efforts to fix it(my computer is on manual time because of these,but many other suffering from this)

Maybe both UAD and Arturia have done something under the hood? Like you it used to take a long time before.

Min took about 7 minutes. Waves was fairly quick. UAD was fairly quick. Soundtoys was very slow. Arturia was slow. I have a lot of other plugins as well, both FX and VSTi’s. Only thing is I have to do it for 3 versions of Cubase which I regularly use for different projects :slight_smile: