Daylight savings change.....scannjing VSTs again

v8.0.10 still does it.

Come on Steinberg - after all these years.

I like it :laughing:

It’s a tradition now, I logged on this morning and …

I had to wait for about 5 minutes whilst Steinberg reminded me, as 100’s of plugins flashed before my very eyes,

… just how much money I have spent on plugins!!!

Tradition it is… I went through this crap about (3) weeks ago. So much fun… not.

Regardless, this topic also reminded me that the time is now changed in Italy. So thanks for the reminder as I am traveling there in a bit. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Well in a twist to the usual rubbish on this front I altered the clock, as it was not correct on my computer and my mixIR plugin’s time stamp was altered and I was unable to process audio until I removed it. Not quite sure what to do there. So I guess there is more to this than meets the eye.

if we complain enough maybe steinberg will convince world governments not change daylight savings cuz it affects their software !! :wink:

I don’t see the problem?
Zero issues by scaning for all those that use and buy legit softwares. And if you plugin still fail during scan meaning you have serious issue with that specfic plugin and the plugin get selected out from the Steinberg’s system. And that is great and the main purpose of the scan.

You all were saying…?

I disabled automatic daylight saving change years ago - just because it takes so long to scan… esp the Powercore plugins which have to load first… one by one… funny though that this is still there :slight_smile:

Just get some popcorn and enjoy the scrolling! :smiley:

Or take a dump, make some coffee, walk the wife, kiss the dog …

I guess they are in order of priority?

I was kind of bummed, it only took 20 seconds, I need more plugins, or a slower HD

Just disable auto adjust for daylight saving. Simple. And maybe get a watch or a clock?

I can’t believe you still moan about this every year , just manually do your time setting …Simples !