DB reading error (10.0.40)

So I’ve noticed something since the 10.0.40 update.

Mastering my track I set a Limiter at -0.3db. That means the audio categorically will not go over -0.3db.

Export the track and then play it in another player and it peaks at -0.3db. Import the track back into Cubase 10 and the track WILL go over -0.3db.

A mate of mine who is also on 10.0.40 has confirmed the same.

Can someone else have a look at this confirm. Its certainly algorithm issue or something👍


  1. When Mastering on the main output at the end of your mastering chain add a Limiter/Brickwall Limiter.
  2. Ensure that your main output is peaking at -0.3 (or whatever you set it to)
  3. Export your track.
  4. Import the exported track into a new canvas.
  5. Play the track at the loudest point and check your output. It should be reaching above the limit you set it.

    System : Windows 7 Ultimate.