Dbl-clk in WXP explorer: "Cubase cannot open project file.."

I’ve found various old threads, both on this forum and elsewhere, describing this problem, but haven’t yet seen a solution. I’m hoping someone reading this did find a solution without writing about it.

(I’ve recently upgraded from C4 to C6, which (so far) seems to be working OK in WXP.)

I can open cpr files in C6 from File|Open, from the recent-files list, and by dragging a file from Windows Explorer. But when I either double-click on a file in Windows Explorer or right-click on the file and select Open with|Cubase 6: (a) C6 opens if it wasn’t already open, and then (b) C6 says “Cubase cannot open project file …”.

This is irritating, because double-clicking in Explorer is my preferred way of opening most files, not just cpr ones.

Does anyone know of a solution? – eg, did you have this problem and find a solution?

Windows XP is not officially supported by Cubase 6. Mabye, this is the reason of this issue?

im afraid your stuck with it that way afaik there has been no work around since i moved to win 7 , it’s always been like that from the day it was released ,you can only open the projects from in cubase itself there was a thread on this this right back at the start of c6 when i was testing c6 and xp , i’ll see if i can find it :wink: