DC offset-style pops on Child Busses


Anyone else noticing DC offset-style pops and clicks when starting/stopping audio tracks routed to a child bus? i.e.: 5.1 set-up with a track routed to a stereo child bus.

Pops also occur when playhead enters or exits an audio event, and when rewinding or fast-forwarding while playhead is in motion.

Does not appear to be a buffer or ASIO-guard-related anomaly…

C7 7.0.1

Okay. Been trying to rule out plugs, system set-up, etc. No dice. Just a basic audio track routed to a child stereo bus. And if you have a delay effect inserted to a track, the pops become more noticeable/distracting and begin to get old pretty quick.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to go back to v6 until this issue is resolved.

Why are you posting in multiple forums? :unamused:

Steinberg official policy on bug reporting is to report under the “collected issues/issue reports” sub-forum. However, I don’t expect much response on a sub-forum and would rather converse where the most eyes are (over here).

Please excuse my (only two) double-posts on what I feel are very serious problems.



What does the fact you’re the only one with these problems tell you.

My post hasn’t been up but half a day.

Thanks for your help.