DDP creation app

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For a long time I’m thinking it would be great if Steinberg do a dedicated DDP creation/editing app, something like HOFA but in Steinberg way.
I khow about DDP tool in Wavelab - it’s a bit complicated and too expensive just for this workflow, I would love to have a simple and powerful app similar to HOFA but with all key commands and editing workflow from Cubase (and maybe with some integration with Cubase)

What do you think?

Yeah, it would be nice if they offered it separately or even in Wavelab Elements which is affordable. They do offer a DDP player for free but not a creator.

Steinberg DDP Player 1.5

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Yes, and it’s just fine, use it to check my DDP’s
I use Hofa, and it’s simple and intuitive, but I’m in constant struggle trying to use Cubase shortcuts there :slight_smile:

Wavelab is complex thing and DDP tool I guess is not the main feature, and using it as DDP tool exclusively is a bit tricky