DDP Embedding

It would be nice to embed the DDP Player inside of the DDP File à la HOFA Player Maker for client approval. Is this something that has been mentioned?

I posted this in the WL 9 forum. I haven’t upgraded to 9 yet. Just wanted to know if anything is different? TIA.

Yeah, the Steinberg DDP Player project is pretty odd in my opinion. It’s better than having nothing, but leaves a lot to be desired. Such as burning a CD :smiley:

There are a certain demographic of clients that enjoy burning a CD from the DDP Player, even though I’m sure that a majority of clients only use it to listen on their computer.

I use the HOFA DDP Player Maker daily because of it’s ease of use. The Steinberg DDP Player was buggy for a period of time, and the install/download process pales in comparison.

If this is something you need or want to do often, I’d say don’t hold your breath and invest in the HOFA DDP Player Maker if you have the means. I get a lot of good feedback from clients about how much they like it.

Yeah I have Hofa. I just think it’s a lot easier to stay in one program. I’ve been with WL for over 20 years now…so I’m not going anywhere soon.

I’m a little confused. I definitely use WaveLab to make the DDP.

I just use HOFA DDP Player Maker to embed an easy to use DDP Player before sending it off. Takes a few extra seconds.

IMO it’s more user friendly than the Steinberg DDP Player.

True, I see your point. Hofa has a great program, but there is something very weird about the implementation of their upgrades and the way that they do their passwords and etc…unless that’s changed.

Yes, the HOFA installer is a little strange but no more strange than all these installer apps from plugin developers now like Waves, Plugin Alliance, Softube, iZotope, etc.

For me, the HOFA DDP Player via DDP Player Maker is just way more comprehensive than the Steinberg one, and the client/user experience is way better too. No additional download or install of the app. To people like us, installing an app is no big deal but some non-tech-savvy clients can struggle with this and the HOFA DDP Player/Maker makes it easy as possible.

Also, believe it or not, some clients still like to burn CDs of their master to listen and approve. I recently mastered an album for a client, and it had very specific song transitions and crossfades. After he approved the mastering he followed me on Instagram and I saw that he had burned a CD of the master and posted it. I’m glad he was able to faithfully burn a CD from the DDP Player I supplied to avoid things going wrong.