DDP file

i wanted to burn my CD on wavelab 7 but i just cant burn it as a basic audio cd track it says as a DDP-image
i dont want to sendthe file to any deplication house just for me at home and an audio cd its enuf for me at least
anybody has an idea how it works a audio CD and not as a DDP image ?
thank you

Select a CD drive rather than the DDP option, in the menu of the CD burning dialog.

well the problem is i just have 2 choises DDP-image or DVD-RW GH41N
i cant see the CD drive :frowning: or you mean i have to chose the drive anyway on my machine ? i thought it suppose to be Audio-CD and not Drirve-RW !!!

I don’t know if you have further CD/DVD-drives on your computer, which are not shown in the burning dialog, but your DVD-RW GH41N will burn your Audio CD for you.

yeah it works, thank you Lutz you are der Man !!! :slight_smile: