DDP from a CD-Extra CD


Does anyone know if it’s possible to make a DDP image of a CD-Extra (audio + data) CD?


Not possible.

Hi Philippe,

Would there be any plans to implement this in a forthcoming Wavelab update? I admit I’m probably in a minority of users who would find this extremely useful but just wondered, as it seems that Wavelab already has some of the Gear software/license capability.

Best regards,

To be honest, this is not at the top of the priority list.

Fair enough! Not many people ask for Enhanced CDs these days anyway. One of my clients however, seems to like them.

AFAIK as a workaround, DDP Creator PRO from Sonoris will do the job.

I do them in toast titanium. Cut a PMCD open session in soundBlade, close with a data session in Toast. I do maybe one per year lately.

SecureDDP (my proofing format for customers who need files over parts) doesn’t support E-CD either so it’s not easily proofed, but I prefer the route above over a holistic DDP image for a couple other reasons:

  1. testing the content and it’s behavior in context is essential for QC.
  2. liability for unproofed virtual products is higher than physical masters (if you hand the plant a properly tagged master, and what comes back differs from that source, the liability is theirs).

In short, I want my clients to be able to test and verify functionality, and provide them formats that make it easy to hold manufacturers accountable, and harder to obscure any changes to the delivered product. To me, DDP is an inferior delivery format to Multi-Session Data-verified PMCD for E-CD masters.