DDP image creation does not include TOC or customer info

DDP image creation does not seem to include TOC or customer info. When checking the ‘IDENT.TXT’ file the information added for TOC and customer info is not included. Any ideas?

Also, when importing the DDP image via montage the cd text is stripped, this might be normal, can anyone confirm?


No problem here to see the customer info in the text file IDENT.TXT (near the top). As far as “Write customer info” is checked, of course.
This information is exported, not imported.

Concerning CD-Text, there is a problem concerning Japanese CD-Text mixed with ASCII.
But for pure ASCII CD-Text, I am not aware of any problem.
If you think you have an issue, please put at my disposal such a montage (without audio).

I’m creating the DDP via a Basic Audio CD. Since I’m working with high resolution files and can’t create a DDP directly from the Montage (though I’d much prefer to do it this way). There’s an error that the Montage is 48KHz, which, of course it is, but will be resampled and dithered to the proper audio cd format if it were allowed to render as part of this process. With this, I render individual tracks and add them to a Basic Audio CD, then create the DDP from there, check the box to add additional information, the DDP is created, check the file IDENT.TXT and the information I typed is not present in the file.

The work-around mentioned above probably explains the lack of CD text. I am adding meta data to the individual files, and the montage does have CD text information, but again, I think the work-around circumvents this.


CD Text is only supported via the Audio Montage, that’s the reason.

Got it.

And about the customer info when creating the DDP from a basic audio cd?

And about the customer info when creating the DDP from a basic audio cd?

You right, this does not work from basic audio CD. I will have to correct this.

You rock.

Is this one fixed yet?