DDP Log, Files (and Audio CD Report)(PG)


It would be excellent to to able to customize the DDP .txt files (IDENT.TXT, CHECKSUM.TXT, gear.log).

IDENT.TXT has several references to Gear software (which I would like to remove) and mentions tape parameters a few times. Also, it does not mention CDTEXT.BIN (when present)

CHECKSUM.TXT also mentions Gear.

Manually changing these files requires (of course) re-doing the checksums for them.

WL6 retained the feature of being able to use ultra-simple customized .txt reports (created in WL3-4). For my use, these are much preferred to either the .rtf files or WL7’s HTML and PDF. Uploading to a manufacturing plant’s FTP server is the current most common delivery method. The very small .txt files are convenient for this purpose. My work around now is to create in HTML and copy selected info into Notepad – takes 10 to 15 minutes (or longer) to format for a full length CD.

PG, if you read this, would you please look at “Simultaneouse Recording/Playback” thread which I have “bumped” with a clarifying question.

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The files you mention, are created by the GEAR engine. They can’t be customized (other than the option “Write table of contents” that you certainly know).
Creating a TXT based report is something I am considering, as mentionned in another thread (CD report extension).