DDP not listing track names that are in CD Text

So I added all metadata in CD Text, and also in the Mp3 fields, etc. I then went to print the DDP Image, and looked it over and it just said, “Track 01”, “Track 02”, etc. No information. When I printed out the CD List at the same time, almost, it printed out all the track names, start/end times, and everything else that was metatagged.

Any ideas of what to do to have it show up in the DDP “Text file”? And is there a DDP Player included in Wavelab 8 where the people you send the files to could listen to it? Or would I need to look into another software in order to be able to have my clients have a listen to it? Such as HOFA.

Thanks in advance!

What are you using to look at the DDP image and info? If you are entering the CD-Text in the correct field of the montage, it should transfer to the DDP or burned CD with no issues.

Getting most computer audio software like iTunes or the general Mac Finder to recognize your project info require that the album info be in the Gracenote Database. Also, making Wavelab tag rendered WAV, AIFF, and mp3 files with applicable meta data from CD-Text info requires additional settings within the Wavelab montage.

Wavelab doesn’t have a DDP Player, but I recommend HOFA DDP Player Maker. It allows you to make a special player for your Wavelab (or any) generated DDP, and embeds a unique DDP player right in the DDP folder. Zip it and send a link to your client and they can play, burn or export WAVs of the DDP you made as well as view all the CD-Text info.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.59.37 PM.png
…Here’s what I saw :confused:

I’m just opening the “cd text” file in where all the DDP Image transport went to… and was expecting it to have the CD Text metadata track names, etc, and only saw “track 01”, “track 02”, etc.

I didn’t put in a player.

Also, I was trying out HOFA DDP Player Maker and didn’t think it sounded good. I felt it took something away from the audio. Perhaps I did something wrong? Has that ever been your experience when using HOFA?


I just noticed, as soon as I blew up the image I uploaded on previous post, that it says, “Track Number ISRC CODE”. If that is the case, is it just showing no track info because I didn’t get the codes yet?

I can’t even find a way to open the CD Text file in the DDP file set so I can’t confirm if that’s a valid place to double check the CD-Text. Even if you don’t want to buy the HOFA DDP Player Maker for clients, the simple HOFA DDP Player is very cheap ($10 USD I think) and worth the price just to check the CD-Text and other basics regardless of how it sounds.

I have no problem with how the HOFA DDP Player sounds when playing DDPs, or when making the DDP/DDP Player for clients using the HOFA DDP Player Maker. If anything, it weeds out a lot of problems caused when clients load individual files into their iTunes and do who knows what with them in order to listen to them.

If you open a new Wavelab montage and choose to “Import DDP Image”, you can import a DDP file set that you created and see if the CD-Text is there but I would suggest another app to use for DDP quality control to be sure of what really exists in the DDP if you’re having trouble understanding Wavelab and CD-Text/Metadata.

ok, thanks!

Your ident.txt file looks correct to me. AFAIK, track titles and CD text are not included in that file.

ok, so i shouldn’t ever expect to see anything other than that in the ident.txt file? Seeing “track 01”, “track 02”, etc, is no cause for alarm?

And I’m guessing, when sending all of the information from the burned DDP, that the CD plant would get all the CD Text I’ve written?

When you generate a CD report PDF, do you see any info in the CD-Text field like the in the screen shot I have attached?

The best way to verify your CD-Text and DDP quality in general in my opinion is to use a DDP Player like HOFA DDP Player (and/or DDP Player Maker if you want to send a special player to your clients) if you’re not confident that your CD-Text is embedded correctly in the DDP.

Here’s another screen shot of where in the montage your CD-Text should be entered:

Here’s another screen shot of where in the montage your CD-Text should be entered

That’s right Jperkinsky. Brian108 look at the red arrows to the right of where it says “Title”. The one with 2 blue arrows coming off it will copy your CD text data into the relevant fields (‘Title’ etc) for all tracks. The red arrow with one blue arrow is just for that track.

I was puzzling over your exact same scenario a few days ago and nearly posted but figured it out in the end. After pressing the red arrow (with 2 blue) make sure to save your montage. Now export as DDP and you’ll find a CDTEXT.bin file in the folder.

Correct. The ident.txt file only indicates a printout of ISRC if you have ISRC (no titles or CD Text printout) (just "TRACK01 ISRC: "). Ident.txt is an optional file, it’s not the official ISRC or CD TEXT file . The “real” CD Text is coded in the binary file CD TEXT. ISRC elsewhere. Verify those with a loadback in Wavelab or Hofa as jperkinski said.

If you want a printout of titles and text and ISRC you might want to make and include a PQ sheet, but it’s not mandatory.

p.s. the Ident.txt file is only created if you check the “include info” checkbox (I think that’s what it’s called) just before making a DDP.