DDP Player available separately

Dear Forum-members,

The DDP Player previously and exclusively available in WaveLab Pro 9.5 is now available as a separate download for all users.

As a mastering engineer, the DDP player is a very helpful tool to give away to your clients, for them to check the DDP images of your mastered CD before sending it to pressing and duplication.

The DDP Player can be downloaded from the Steinberg website, or via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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It seems this does a fade in/out automatically when skipping tracks, stopping, etc. This caused some understandable concern for a client, as his reference CD did not do this in any of his players. Any chance of an updated version where this control could be toggled off?

Sorry, but playing a ddp file through the DDP Player app does not sound like the same file that is played back in Wavelab. Different audio engine? Makes it useless as a QC check for clients or engineers.

I think it does if not, make a null test
and compare line upp audio in a Montage or in Cubase/Nuendo etc
audio should be with the exactly same length, sample rate, bit depht resolution
check for hidden plugins etc…
start at the exactly same time but with one of audio file(s)
with reversed phase, if it nulls out it can’t sound different!
I have the same Audio device when playing back from WL or DDP player…

regardes S-EH