DDP Quantize Direction

I always thought if you make a DDP from a montage where the CD splice markers are not quantized, Wavelab would quantize the markers in the DDP to the left, as it does when you issue the quantize command in the CD Wizard. But I just checked it out for the first time and it quantizes to the right. I’m not going to worry about it too much, but it’s the opposite of what I always thought. The frame numbers stay the same in the DDP because if a marker is at 8:33.68 and a quarter in the montage, it displays as 8:33.69. So it’s the same after the DDP is made. Is that the reason it goes to the right instead of the left, so the frame numbers stay the same as displayed in the montage?

IIRR, the left markers are quantized to the left, and the right/splice markers to the right.
If that topic is important for you, quantize the markers before rendering.

Thanks PG. I usually do, but sometimes I forget.