DDP with Hidden Track before Track 1

Hi - I’m having an issue. I had a client request a hidden track before Track 1 (not in track listing and only accessible by rewinding track 1). I followed the steps from Steinberg listed online and my DDP appears to be correct, but the pressing plant sent a test copy and the client says it doesn’t work. I burned a CD on my end and it also didn’t work, but I thought it may be a CD player incompatibility issue.

Anyway - Audio in Pauses is on, and I put the desired audio before the CD Track Start marker, with no marker before it. I didn’t put it at zero on the timeline and left a few seconds of silence before it. The DDP shows the pregap, but it isn’t accessible through rewinding. The DDP functions as it should other than that. Does anyone spot anything that I’m doing wrong on my end? Screenshots attached that show the layout in my montage, and also how it shows the pregap in a Hofa DDP Player. Any help is appreciated!

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 9.21.14 AM Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 9.20.16 AM


Select all and move the wav/CD to start on “0” Zero
check so the End Track marker really is at the end of the CD
other than that no clue here.

regards S-EH

So, you’re saying that the hidden WAV file should start at Zero time with no bit of silence before? Steinberg said to leave a gap, but I’ll try that in a bit. I don’t know how that would cause it to suddenly start working, but I’ll try it. Thanks!

Sorry it was just to try out an idea but it wasn’t good
so go for what’s good in the manual and try that.

regards S-EH

just to report back, the artist texted and said that he found a rack mount CD player and it worked perfectly with the hidden track, so… there’s apparently a CD player compatibility element of this equation that I was wondering about… Anyway - the manual is correct and all is well. Well, except for the dodgy hidden track, but that is what it is. Mission accomplished for the client. I appreciate your help along the way! Cheers-

Cool :slight_smile:
regards S-EH