De-activate fader, or oil the darn thing?

Just picked up a CC121 from Germany (I’m in Canada) and quite like it so far, except for one thing, the fader movement when playing back. I find it fairly noisy while listening to my music. Does anyone know of a way to not have the fader respond to automation on playback? That is still being able to use it to record automation but not react to it?

If not, I guess DeOxit would be the thing to use.

ok now I’m recording fader automation and the fader isn’t responding to it. Not sure why that is, maybe I was recording a different type of automation when I first tried it. Anyway, its doing exactly what i want. :thinking:

Is the answer to both your questions related to channel selection? The fader responds/controls only to the selected channel. To stop its moving during playback, select a channel with no automation, and vice versa.