de-esser locks up my cubase

Has anybody had this happen?

In both 5.5.0 and 5.5.3, in an approximately 11-track project - 3 min long - prob one plugin per track - one effects track only - I add a de-esser as an insert, the control panel for the effect pops up, but at that point Cubase has frozen stiff - only recourse is to ctrl-alt-del to shut it down and start again - never have gotten the de-esser to work.

Any thoughts?

Morgan (


Cubase-32 or Cubase-64? Does it happen on both? Are you running Cubase-64 but inadvertently pointing to the 32-bit plugin instead of the 64-bit plugin?



The 64 bit Cubase version 5.5.3 (Latest) will lock up the PC and a reboot is the only way out, if you are pointing and attemting to run a 32 bit plugin. 5.5.2 showed a VST bridge error. 5.5.3 locks the PC. Go figure. Not much a fix is the PC is locked up.

Avoid freeware plugs that are not 64 bit. Stick with purchased software, UAD2, Waves, etc…

Hey Guys - thanks for the replies.

I’m using 64-bit Cubase on a 2-processor desktop running Windows 7, with a MOTU 2408 plugged into MOTU’s PCI-424 card.

I haven’t added any plugins that didn’t come with Cubase (full version) - so this is the Steinberg-supplied “DeEsser” found under Dynamics in the plugins dropdown. The plugin has a single “S-reduction” knob, buttons for male and female and auto-threshold, and the words “Powered by SPL” on it.

This time when I tried to run it on my lead vocal track, as soon as I hit the spacebar, it immediately got a CPU-overload window that immediately came back every time I clicked out of it - the only way to stop the message was rapidly hitting spacebar (first to kill the error message then immediately stop playback).

I’m thinking this Cubase plugin might be buggy…? none of the others has given me any problems.

does that help?


What sample rate is your project set to?

44.1 consistently…does that matter to just the De-esser? (none of the other Cubase plugins are crashing…)