De-esser plugin latency

In Cubase 7, in my Projects @ a buffer size of 64 samples and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz, the de-esser plugin introduces an additional measured latency of 36,83ms, although the plug-in information window shows 0 latency for this plugin. This is confusing.

May be this can be fixed. The plugin should Report the actual latency to the host.

Regards, Mikael

Since Cubase 7.0, the plugin information window shows zero latency for all VST3-plugins, incorrectly also for those with high latency (e.g. Reverence, Multi Band Comp, DeEsser, etc.)

I wonder, why nobody has noticed this before…

I noticed this problem back in December but it hasn’t been addressed yet. :imp: My post about this was moved by the Steinberg Mods, into this topic:

It’s still not fixed…

Yes , this is really dissapointing First time i saw this bug , i thought WOW super …zero latency
like for example nearly all the meldaproduction plugins , which i preferred only because the zero
latency thing , the only way to stay in the flow if you compose like i do , in one rush recording midi
and audio and effects or using effects live … ugly posing .