De Metronome

De Metronome plz,

“Optimized for Cubase/Logic/Protools click sound.”

Errmmmm , select similar ?

You can give this technic a try: Removing the Click Track From a Recording | SpectraLayers 10 Studio Sessions - YouTube

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I have tried that method but it sometime works well, sometime works not well.
Need some optimization for pure click sound.

Duly noted then :slight_smile:
Meanwhile, as @Highly-Controversial suggested you can give Select Similar a try.

Just a suggestion, to help @Robin_Lobel optimise, any chance of posting a small sample file containing Cubase/Logic/ProTools click sound(s) you’ve found troublesome to remove.?

I’ve done something similar with a cowbell. What I did was select a narrow band containing the unwanted cowbell and exported it into bitwig, then used its amazing audio to midi trigger to generate my matching midi pattern. I then selected a few cowbells sounds and put those into Bitwig sample player and randomised them a bit and reinforced with a clean sample of a cowbell triggered. I then generated a few passes and merged them together into one cowbell stem and inverted out of the track. Worked really well. You can play with debleed, cast and mould in SL10 too to grab more or less of the model you just made.

But almost all metronome bleeding is Becasue of headphone leakage.

So its sound is a little bit different from Original metronome sound

So I wonder that the way you said would not working so well

You have the original metronome sound though, both in the recording or from the DAW / device it came from poentially so should be easy to debleed imo.