Deactivate metronome during playback

Can anyone please remind me how to make deactivate the metronome during playback the default on new projects?


I think it’s just as easy as clicking thr metronome symbol in the Upper Right vorher.

Thanks, klafkid, but I’m trying to remember how to set things so that it is always deactivated during playback as the default. (That is, one will have to click the metronome symbol in order to turn it on during playback.)

It was never on by default for me, so perhaps it is part of saved defaults? (guessing)

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Hi, Mark – thanks for your comment.

I seem to remember that it was never on by default for me, either, but it is now, and – for the life of me! – I can’t find any way of turning it off by default. (I’ve checked Playback Options, Preferences, Layout Options, Engraving Options, Note Input Options, and Notation Options.)

Although it’s not exposed in the Playback Options dialog, in fact whether or not you hear a click during playback is controlled by playback options, so if you did click Save as Default in the Playback Options dialog with the click button on the toolbar illuminated, that would I think explain the behaviour. Try resetting to the factory defaults, or perhaps even removing your saved default playback options.

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Thank-you, Daniel!

I just turned the metronome click button off, and then chose Save as Default in the Playback Options dialog, and – voila! – that fixed it!

Which of the two available options . . .
. . . resets to factory defaults?
(In this particular case – in which there are only two possibilities (click on/off) – will Reset to Saved Defaults automatically also do the trick?)

Hold Alt (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and the text on the buttons will update.

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