deactivate note expression


I don’t find nowhere in cubase 8 where to deactivate note expression. The feature which open a weird square as soon as I clik 2 times on a note in the piano roll. Like here :
note exp.jpg
I use to clik several times on a note because there is feedback acoustic to listen to the note, that’s the purpose, no ? But after the second clik, the note expression thing pops up and no more feedback acoustic…

How can I switch this off ? :imp:

Note expression is very special for some rare vsti, I don’t have any, this, beside, nice feature done for special vsti should not be on by default, it should be avaible only if one needs it, on dedicated midi tracks ONLY and it appears on any midi piano roll editor, even if note expression is off on the track.
But after all the research I made, I started to wondering if it is deactivatable. So it could be nice to let user choose for the next update… :neutral_face:

Thanks for help !

Are you obligated to click a 2nd time so quickly after the first? If you slow down just a little, it won’t register as a double-click :wink:.
There’s no way to actually deactivate the function.

I don’t clik on midi notes all the time but often, I clik on it several time to set up its sound in some hardware synth units. As the note plays at the exact velocity with acoustic feedback, I can hear the result without playing on the keyboard. The problem is that I use to do like this since years, it is a habit and I don’t see other way to play the note at its exact velocity.

Why is n’t it possible to deactivate it ?? I guess it’s not very used as it’s only for vst 3.0 instruments and only when one needs it ! It should be deactivatable or simply unactive on midi tracks without note expression.

It’s a good feature, certainly, but only when one needs it, not always ! Don’t tell me people edit every single midi note with note expression on every tracks !
If one needs it, it would be very occasional, like expression map, so one turns it on on a midi track and one has it. I don’t understand developers, don’t they make music with cubase ? Or don’t they talk with cubase users ? Wants Steinberg us to not forget that new feature ? :question:

At least, one could have possibility to change the double clik on a midi note result… But this is not possible either ! :imp:
One has more customization feature in cubase 8 but it’s from far not enough.

For instance, it’s not possible to turn on / off acoustic feedback with a keyboard shortcut ! :open_mouth:
Or to choose what a double clik on a midi note will do !

WHY ?? All those customization features are really missing in cubase. I’m not asking for extra feature for next update, no no no , :bulb: I just ask customization everywhere !! :bulb: To personalize my sequencer for my needs, my way of working.

Perhaps you could adjust the ‘Double-Click Speed’ in your Mouse control panel to a faster setting. Have you tried that?

Yes, this is the only way I found so far … But I hope it will not trouble the other PC applications…

Thanks, Chicago !