Deactivate playback for opened files in background?

Hi, I have a question, and maybe a possible future feature to add to Dorico. :blush:

I like to work with more than a project simultaneously. For example project A with its Playback Template PA and project B with its Playback Template PB. Dorico will ask, when opening the second project, if I want to activate its playback. I choose to activate the playback also for the second project B (to work on it), and Dorico activates it loading the samples. And putting the Project A in front will activate its playback (loading the corresponding samples). All as expected.

But here is my problem:

If I switch then the projects Dorico (as expected) immediately wants to activate the project in front. Using multiple desktop on mac it needs only a sweep of the mouse and there I have to wait till the samples are loaded… :frowning:
And to deactivate the playback of one of the two projects I must first choose the window of the project to put it on front, than WAIT till the samples of the project are loaded (that can require much time!) and only after that I can deactivate the playback :frowning:

It is the only way?? It would be nice if would be a menu item that shows a list of the opened projects and for each opened file it says if the playback is or not activated and to have the option to deactivate the playback without first have to put the project in front (and waiting all samples to load just to deactivate them…)

Maybe I am missing some other options?. I think that Dorico asking if I want to activate playback or not on opening files is nice, but is not enough for workflows on multiple active projects. Thank you for any advice.

(Dorico 4.3 on macos 10.14)


Have you checked out the project activation in the play section of the program preferences? Maybe one of those settings will help? Also, when I switch between projects with active playback I don’t notice any loading of samples, at least with noteperformer and halion se.

Thank you James for your suggestion. In the preferences you can only choose what happens “on load”. I would like to deactivate already loaded (opened) projects in the background without first put them on front.
I use big external libraries (Spitfire and VSL) and it takes some time to load when switching. (maybe I should use Vienna Ensemble Pro… but then I am not so flexible to personalize the single projects)

One can manually deactivate the existing project before loading a second one and presumably the first project will stay deactivated.


Thank you Derrek for the suggestion. Nevertheless it would be great (in my opinion) to have an option to deactivate all the opened projects, in case i forget to deactivate the first project before opening the second project.