Deactivate rehearsal marks for specific layouts?

Is there a way to deactivate rehearsal marks in a specific layout?
I would like to create vocal, piano and guitar parts without the rehearsal marks for song books.

No, there’s no way to do this, I’m afraid. You could duplicate the flows and delete the rehearsal marks in the duplicated flows, perhaps.

Indeed this can be a workout and it is a little bit better than creating a completely new project just for one or two specific layouts.
But I would really prefer to have such a functionality without having to use any workout.

A call for more flexibility:
Though in the last months I really learned to love Dorico and though I decided to slowly convert all my scores from Finale to Dorico there are some features from Finale that I really miss!
The “Score Lists” for example.
For those who are not familiar with Finale I give a short description:
The “Score Lists” belong to the “Expressions Categories”.
An Expression Category is for example “Tempo Marks”.
You can edit a category in order to define font, position and you can also choose a “Score List”.

In a score list you can set where an expression appears.
The great thing is that you can exactly decide for each staff in the score and in the parts if the expression appears or not.
In the attached image you can see how one simply check where the expression should appear.
There are also two options to make the expression appear on the top or on the bottom staff.
The following default categories can make use of score lists: Tempo Marks, Tempo Alterations and Rehearsal Marks.
Some others default categories like Dynamics, Expressive Texts and Technique Texts which are usually specific to a staff do not have Score Lists, but as it is possible to duplicate (and rename) any category it is easy to create a new custom category (with or without score lists) for your own needs.
BTW you can also create as much Score Lists as you need.

I really wish Dorico will soon offer this functionality rather than giving only a few pre-defined specific options.
Also the limitations of system objects do not make any sense to me!
I cannot understand for example why a sytem object can only appear above the bracket for a given instrument familie!
If there is only one instrument with one staff, there is no way to get the system object there!

Maybe the options offered by Dorico cover the main stream classical way of thinking notes, but I do not think a notation program should try to foresee and catalog all the situations a composer may encounter!
In my view a notation program should be open to the unknown territory!

On a side note: deactivating rehearsal marks in a part is not something very avant-garde :wink: