Deactivate the plugins in a row - mixer

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a way to disable or deactivate the plugins on the Mixer that are located in different channels but on the single row.

I end up having projects with 20 to 30 tracks where I place on each track a plugin for analog saturation. The problem is that these plugins are quite heavy on the CPU processing, so I just use them while exporting.

Everytime I need to change something in the mix I need to deactivate all of them and this is time consuming. Could this be done in an easier way ?

You can activate/de-activate all plugs for the same insert slot with the same key command you use to add the same plug to multiple channels.

Select all the relevant mixer channels, hold down shift/alt and switch the plug status of one of them…all others will follow suit…works for bypass or on/off.


Yes the command to add or move the insert plugin to another channel is working (on Mac is Alt or Apple key).

But I have tried to do what you said, select a channel on the mixer and tried different kesy and nothing worked… that is odd

You’re probably not pressing the right combination of keys then.

Operations affecting selected channels
You can add or remove a VST plug-in to or from all selected
channels at once by holding down [Shift]-[Alt]/[Option] and
selecting the desired plug-in from any of the insert effect
slots. With the same key combination you can also
activate/deactivate effects or toggle their Bypass state. For
Send Routing use this key combination to route all selected
tracks into a FX- or Group-Channel, to activate/deactivate a
Send slot or toggle their Pre-Fader state.


select a channel on the mixer and tried different kesy and nothing worked

You need to select ALL the channels you want to affect yes??