Deactivate VI in Cubase Pro 8

When you select Deactivate VI in Cubase Pro 8, does it free up memory,and system resources?
Or do you still need to freeze the track?
So after i render in place my VI,should I select Deactivate,or Freeze the track to free up my computer.
I still might want to edit the midi track at some point,so I want to keep it the VI in my session.

Bump-so nobody knows?

Deactivating or freezing the VSTi does free up neither memory nor CPU usage. It only unloads ASIO.
I’m afraid that the only way to free up RAM and unload your CPU is to remove the VSTi.

thanks for the reply
I’m coming from PT HD 11 where you can make the Track " inactive" and it free’s up your CPU and memory, yet you still can deactivate and have all your settings etc
Wish Cubase could do this, but I’m still really digging Cubase, been using it now for about 2 months and I really like most of the program, just wish editing audio was as nice as PT, but the midi, chord pads etc are awesome, along with the ability to make tempo maps with easy are worth the program

This is incorrect.

From the manual:

Mea Culpa
I did a few tests in order to reply to his question, but with the default settings ! that don’t change anything in regard to RAM. I rarely use these (useful) functions myself for the moment.

So, to sum up …
Deactivating : no memory usage change, but releases CPU
Freeze : releases RAM and CPU when “Unload Instrument when Frozen” checked
Render In Place : releases RAM and CPU when “Disable Source Tracks” is selected in Render Setup

Hope that’s correct this time :wink:

Sorry to have misled you tlockett.

No need for ‘Mea Culpa’ of any sort :wink:

That’s correct!

Thank you so much for your reply , it’s a bit confusing but I believe you’ve sorted it out for me, I am running some intense VI sessions and being able to free up resources helps come mix time, but in case I need to make some tweaks to the original files it’s good to have them on the sideline instead of having to unload all the instance of the VI
Cubase Rocks!!