Deactivate VS Bypass Plugin Irrationality

Clicking the Activate/Deactivate symbol of an insert effect in the inspector/channel setting (since the bypass symbol has been removed) actually bypasses the plug not deactivate it!

Please Steinberg keep it real and focus on keeping the powerful cubase interface powerful. There are more little annoyances like that in C7 due to just poor GUI design.

Yes it’s ok to use modifiers for deactivate but it’s still the wrong symbols. Light gray, dark gray… It just doesn’t feel intuitive or organic. Shouldn’t the default be Deactivate if that what the symbol shows? (I always very much enjoyed how organic the Cubase mixer felt) Even on my NASA super computer the mixer is sluggish (OSX).

Please add the functionality of C6 back in there, including bypass and activate.

In general I’m very much disappointed with the new mixer design and functionality. Productivity using this C7 mixer has gone down remarkably.

It’s also a pain not knowing if you are inserting a VST2 or VST3 plug. Another feature removed from 6.

these points have been brought up several times already - and still I hope all of them get adressed as soon as possible!