Deactivated Cubase 8 licenses

Hi all,

After having a hiatus from Cubase after moving countries and jobs, I’m back at it again only to find all of my licences deactivated and not able to be reactivated as per the instructions on the support page.

(Different Issue: I also can’t contact support, I go to the support page in mysteinberg, it redirects me to a Japanese page [no issues I can read it] but then there’s no way to click or add information to submit a ticket despite me having synced my data.)

Essentially I go to open up Cubase 8 now, and I need to reactivate my licenses. I go to mysteinberg and generate a new one with no issues using the Download Access Code I originally got with my UR22, I get a new code, I enter it in then the license program tells me its invalid??
Please note, I just updated it to the latest version and was running the program as admin.

What can I do? I considered an upgrade to Cubase 9 for 10$AUD but after this mess I’m not sure now.

Hi and welcome,

Do you talk about Cubase AI 8.

Can you see you previous Activation in you My Steinberg account? You don’t need to use the Download Access Code again, you need to reactivate with your new Store-eLicenser Number and old Cubase Activation (which should be on you account).

Hi Martin,

Correct Cubase AI 8 that comes with the Steinberg UR22.

No I cannot see my previous Activation in My Steinberg account for the software. I had it last installed awhile back but since then had swapped to another computer.

If I enter my Download Access Code, it seems to work and think its valid and generate a code though.

So what do I do if I don’t have my previous activation on My Steinberg? Am I now lost and without software?


Make sure, you use the same MySteinberg account you used before, please.

I wonder the new Activation Code is generated when you enter the Download Access Code.

Hi Martin,

I only have the one :slight_smile:

I do get an Activation Code when entering the Download Access Code but the software on my computer wont take it. Says its invalid for whatever reason. I updated the key security software which didn’t make a different so perhaps I’ll uninstall and reinstall it completely and get back to you.

If you have any other ideas that would be much appreciated!

Big thanks to Martin who took this to a PM and helped me recover my licenses. Turns out there was some sync errors and I was able to get my licenses back! Now to get back in to Cubase 8 and eval Cubase 9 :smiley: thanks team!