Deactivated Cycle record markers causing recording to stop.

I Set up an empty project and added a Stereo Audio Track.
Route the Audio in through the chosen Channels.
Playing my synth/vinyl.
Pressing record does not work first time when using the Keyboard record or when using the on screen transport record button.
It sometimes records a very short snippet but stops recording and the play head carries on moving.
Pressing either a second time records with no problem at all.
However, this leaves me with a short file and a long file cluttering up my Audio Folder with loads of short files and a messy project.

I found both cycle makers were at the start and for some reason, even though cycle was off, the end marker was forcing record to stop.
I Extended cycle record end marker and ensured cycle record markers were deactivated and recorded again.
The recording stops at the end cycle record marker and the play head keeps on moving.
How do I stop this from happening?
Can anyone help please?

Sorry to waste your time.
I saved the New Project and Quit Cubase.
I then opened the project and everything worked as it should.
Probably because it’s the first time I’ve used Cubase 10 after updating from 9.5