Deactivated Soft eLicenser

G’day from Australia.

Went to open up Cubase Elements 8 after the latest Win10 mega update and I get an error message: “No valid Licence found. The program will quit now.”

I’ve opened up the eLicenser Control Centre and all of my licenses are there (screengrab available - I don’t know how to insert an image into this forum).

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of the Control Centre.

I’ve manually entered the Activation Code into a ‘Enter Activation Code’ dialog box. This opens up a ‘No eLicenser available’ dialog box, with text that says my computer’s Soft eLicenser cannot be used and to try instead to use a USB eLicenser (which I don’t have). It also suggests I try opening the eLicenser control centre, which I have already done and confirmed that the license for Elements 8 is current.

How can I get Cubase working again? Ideas welcome.

Oh, I give up. I spend ages writing my post above, then try Cubase again for the sixth time and it works perfectly. Arggh!

The eLicencer is playing up again. Went to open up Cubase 9 Elements on my laptop, which has been running very successfully for months since I bought the upgrade, and today I get the following screengrabs:

Anyone know how to get things back to usable again without having to uninstall and reinstall cubase and my purchases?


You didn’t say if you tried running it as suggested in the popup. Meaning, did you change it to “Run as Administrator” by right clicking on the elicenser icon and choosing it?

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Yes, I gave that a go. It made no difference.

After much playing around, I sorted it out. Downloaded and installed the latest version of the Soft e-Licenser and everything works as it should again. Relief!

Steinbergs soft elicenser is the worst crap i ever met in music industry

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