Deactivated Software eLicencer after Laptop move

Hi all,

can anyone help me with this?
I bought a new laptop and let a technician migrate all my harddiscs with windows drive and data drive to the new maschine. Obviously I did not want to install terrabytes of sound libraries.
Everything works fine, but there is an issue with the eLicenser which threw an error message when I started a NI Maschine MK3. Looking for the error message the recommendation was to deinstall and reinstall the latest eLicenser from Steinberg, which I did.
Still there is a differernt error detected now, that the program acknoledges a mismatch between hardware and harddisk of some sort.
Yes, I think the data was also moved to new harddrives by this migration.
The error message now goes like this “An dem Soft-eLicenser auf diesem Computer wurde eine irreparable Veränderung entdeckt” “Bette wenden Sie sich and ihren Software Hersteller, um dieses Problem zu lösen”

What shall, can I do to get things flying again?

Thanks for your help.


Go the your Steinberg account and do the reactivation

Not working Steve.

Its not offering to reactivate the usb eLicenser only a irrelevant software eLicenser .
I am not able to reacrtivate the main eLicenser here.

Is there any tech support, that I can talk to?

Cheers Stefan