Deactivating asio-guard per plugin

Hi there !
I use UAD plugins and I want to get rid of the latency that asio-guard is creating for these plugins, but still enjoy this feature on all the other things (mostly VSTi’s).
I deactivated Asio-guard on all uad plugins manually in the plugin manager, but there’s still latency when using asio-guard (I can see plugin latency in the uad meter)

Am I missing something? :unamused:

Try turning off delay compensation (top left or arranger…)

What does your meter say now?

if I press the “constrain delay compensation” button it just turns off all UAD plugins (because of their own natural latency)
But this latency is not the issue, it’s very small
I’m talking about the extra latency that the asio-guard creates

What if you turn off asio guard all together?